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Friday, October 3, 2008

Taste for Art

Do you like Art?
Live Music?
Good Food?
Beer & Wine?
Supporting a local Food Bank?
Supporting local Artists?
Have a free Friday night (tonight)?

Then this is where you want to be! Join me (La Borinquena/Tamale Girl) and a slew of other food and drink purveyors for this event taking place in Emeryville sponsored by The East Bay Express.

I've gotten to know lots of the folks involved in the Oakland/East Bay community through the work I do with the Oakland Merchants' Leadership Forum and Old Oakland Neighbors. I cannot stress enough to EVERYONE how important it is to reach out and get to know the people around you. That working together to help one another however big or small can make a difference.

Volunteer for a project that means something to you, attend a community meeting, support a cause by attending events. Yes, in this case donating a can of food and/or making a contribution to a fun event that supports two things that mean so much to me: food for families and art to feed the soul.

Not wanting to sour this ideal and optimistic view I have on how to make a difference, I feel the need to say this. This is to the people who talk B I G and don't act. To the people who always say, "I'm too busy." Or "Will I really make a difference?" Or the folks who have the time and the energy to complain but won't make the time to do something about whatever they are unhappy/disturbed/uneasy about.

Get involved.
Support what matters to you.
Be part of the conversation to find solutions.
Talk to folks you think you have nothing in common with, you may be shocked over what you do have in common.

Help build community especially where you live and work.
Support local businesses and artists.
You can make a difference.
Make change happen.

So, back to my regularly scheduled blog post. Stop by tonight, have a drink, some tasty nibbles, meet some folks who support the same causes.

See how easy this is? Get out and do SOMETHING. If I don't see you later, I'll see you around. There is a great cause around every corner and if you are still reading I know we'll cross paths sooner or later.

I have a feeling I'll see you sooner...

Event Details, click below:

The East Bay Express presents a food, music, and art-centered fundraiser for Pro Arts Gallery and Alameda County Food Bank on Friday, October 3, 6-10pm at 5749 Doyle St., Between Stanford Ave. and Powell St., Emeryville, CA

There is ample parking behind the warehouse, or take Emeryville's FREE bus service (the Emery-Go-Round) by jumping on the Hollis South bus at the MacArthur BART station and jumping off at Standford Ave/Horton intersection. The Warehouse is a couple short blocks to the East from that stop on Doyle Street between Stanford and Powell. Buses run approx. every 15 minutes, and stop running at 10pm.

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