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Monday, December 19, 2011

La Borinquena in Old Oakland, and a Tina Tamale podcast :: Grassroutes Travel

 Hola Amig@es,

I was interviewed by the lovely & talented Serena Barlett of Grassroutes Travel and the pod cast just went up! I've know Serena for years now and while her travel sometimes take here away from Oakland, this is the place she loves and calls home.

Serena is truly a local, indie nerd like myself and we're always bumping into each other around town. She is one of the Oakland Grown peeps that is helping portray Oakland by shining a bright spotlight on the people, places and things Oaklanders are doing. She is awesome like that!

She is gearing up to do a series of Oakland food tours and makes a stop here at Tamale World homebase, La Borinquena Mex-icatessen.

Photo by Serena Barlett of Grassroutes Travel, an Oakland grown member

Here's a snippet:
Tina Tamale, as she’s known, is synonymous with La Borinquena, one of the oldest continuously-operating businesses in Oakland, founded by her grandmother Rosa, almost 70 years ago. It’s a “mexicatessen” – a casual cafeteria-style restaurant that, in addition to the daily menu, sells many Mexican staples like handmade tortillas, at least six types of dried peppers, luscious goat’s milk chocolate spread, fresh chicharrones, lard-fried tortilla chips, dried hibiscus, and tamarind pods. If you get there in the morning you’ll see an influx of port workers coming in for their “dinner” after working a long shift while extended family – either blood relatives or employees who have worked here for dozens of years, no discrepancy – cart out that day’s tortillas, so recently made that condensation forms inside the plastic bags...

See the full post and hear the podcast here

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