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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Excuse me Mister, can you spare a new back?

I MADE IT! It's over! Yet, my back has been through more in the last few days that it probably has been in months. I managed to work "safely" and not jack my back up anymore on Christmas Eve. I will attribute that to my sidekick, Rudolf the red nosed reindeer, aka the 11 year old son of our employee Panfila. He is truly a lil guy, almost elf like in size but very sharp mentally and physically strong. I would joke that he was like an ant, he could lift his own weight and then some! I will give him credit for my back not breaking on Monday.

Sleep has been a good friend and our family meal went well. As well as hanging with a couple of my least favorite family members can go. Prime rib, mashed potatoes, blackberry pie...DELICIOUS. Not ONE tamale to be seen! We love providing for folks who like them for the holidays but that's not my family.

Today was chill. I stayed in my PJ's till I had to go to La Borinquena to rerecord the outgoing messages and check on things. One last hurray, some more tamale orders and more masa to sell for leading up to NYE's. Tamale Season is almost over for this year...then we keep going for 2008!

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