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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Great Balls of Fire!

Oh my dear Virgen de Guadalupe...what the heck HAPPENED? There I was minding my own business last Saturday and all of the sudden, something was just not right. I've been forgetting to eat during the holiday rush but this was different, I truly felt ill. Is this what I get for *thinking*, "WOW, I didn't get SICK this year!!!" I tried to eat a soft taco, but I was queasy. Food and I are not friends and that makes me sad. I ran to the restroom...NADA. I hid in the Fiesta Room in the dark trying to figure out why there was a growing ball of fire overtaking my GUT. It steadily grew and was the size of a LARGE Honeydew melon and was burning bright. I text messaged Sweet Bratty Niece that I needed mineral water and where she could find me. She found me leaning against the wall with my feet up and just shook her head with worried eyes, " You don't look so good"

Renee was coming in late since she had a cold and we were worried about her hacking up a lung. Fortunately, she showed up about an hour later and sent me on my way home. I managed once again to climb the stairs and fall into bed. I did get "sick" and I will spare the gory details. NOT GOOD and there I remained all of Sunday 12/30 too. Renee IMs that I have to stay home from work on NYE, see food service and tummy trouble do not mix. Things improve a bit and the ball of fire is shrinking but I am still ill. BOO, no parties or drinking for me for the New Year. This just blows since Days of the Dead, my birthday and NYE are my most FAVORITE holidays (yes, I do consider my BDay a holiday.) Gilberto and I hang out on with the other sickies and sober folks staying in at home.
Finally, I manage to make it out of the house. Gilberto wants to see a movie, Juno, and the ball of fire in my gut is now the size of a lemon. We have a quick meal and the flick was great, well written and funny. Maybe this NYE stuff is really overrated? It was interesting to be calm, well rested and not hungover on the first day of the year. Boo, who am I kidding? I really wanted to party it up but maybe this is a sign of what this year will be like, mature and serious? Stay tuned.
My great ball of fire is now a memory. I wake up feeling OK. My day is spent updating stuff, emails and hanging on Yelp once again. The Elite '08 badges were posted and our EB posse all made it. It is also Stevie's BDay so I make sure to let him know I'm thinking about him and we decide to try to make plans to party this weekend. I go out for dinner with Renee and all is fine with eating. Food and I are no longer enemies. La Borinquena is open tomorrow and I have TONS of stuff to do. It should go well in Tamale World and let's see how 2008 treats us!

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2syllables said...

Congratulations on starting this blog-- I already know what a good writer you are, now I look forward to more to come!-jane