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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where have I been?


I though that conquering Tamales Season and my New Year's bug would make everything alright.


I almost feel just as busy but in a different way. January is bringing new changes for La Borinquena, my non-profit work and my life overall. Things have been going well at the restaurant and considering that it's January...that's great. First quarter tends to be tough and lean for most food service, people are spent out after the holidays. My fundraiser plans are coming along.

Fundraiser? Oh, I haven't haven't really had time to write about it! We've been too busy planning it. Thankfully, I have fine friends and neighbors that have been getting me through all the lists. On that note, I gotta split. Today is pick up day for some stuff. I'll make annoucements

I'll be back.

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