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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Eve of My 39th Birthday

The fundraiser was a success and my actual birthday is just over an hour away. I sit here on my bed and wonder...39 huh? I think about the scene in When Sally Met Harry when Meg Ryan's character is bawling over a break-up and says "And I'm going to be 40!" and then Billy Crystal asks, "When?" she responds "Someday" with a shrug and a nose full of snot.

Well, 39 is NOT 40 but my "Someday" is arriving soon since I've decided that I will be 39 FOREVER. Hopefully my wrinkles will creep up slowly and I will remain young at heart for a looong time. On that note, I may go to sleep early and just wake up a year older...

I'll be back tomorrow when I'm older and wiser...

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