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Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's Been 15 minutes, 12 Hours and 17 Days

Since I turned 39 for the first time! I've been trying to catch my breath but there is just so much to do. The past few months have been action backed: tamale season, holidays, the Yelp Holiday Party, the stomach flu, the OON fundraiser, Old Oakland Neighbors in general, my birthday week celebrations, oh yeah, work at La Borinquena. I just got tired writing that sentence!

Next up...catching up on my day job, planning the first floor remodel at my house, the 2nd Annual Indie Awards and the stack of paperwork piling up in my personal life. Ha ha ha ha...I wrote that out so I will be forced to deal with it! But, those of you that know me in real life are aware that I LOVE to start crazy projects with a moment's notice. MY FAVORITE. I need a break. So, I'm taking the next 24 hours as a time out. As my sweetie Stevie would say, I'm just "chillaxing" the day away...No cell phone, no text, no email, limit the TV, pretend like it's 1988...ah, the olden days...

but to pull it off in 2008 , I'll just set everything to


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